Recipe: Kombucha Recipe

Kombucha Recipe


1-2 Bags black tea (depending on strength you prefer);
1/4 Cup raw sugar;
1 Scoby with 1/2 cup pre-made kombucha (also known as starter tea);
1 & 3/4 Liters purified water;
2 Litre Mason jar (or any wide mouth jar);
Paper towel or cheese cloth with rubber band;
Strainer: and
Glass bottles (250 mil bottles are perfect for daily dose and decanting the second ferment)


  1. Sterilize mason jar by washing in hot water, rinsing well and drying thoroughly (you can also place in hot oven for 5 mins for further sterilization).
  2. Make your tea brew by boiling purified water and steeping tea bags in it for about 10 mins.
  3. Let brew cool slightly then and add sugar and stir ensuring all of it has dissolved and blended well with tea.
  4. Let tea brew cool to room temperature.
  5. Add 1/4 cup of pre-made starter tea with scoby to mason jar.
  6. Add cooled tea mixture to starter tea and scoby to mason jar.
  7. Cover with paper towel or cheese cloth and secure with rubber band (do not place lid on mason jar it needs air to ferment).
  8. Put aside in warm spot out of direct sunlight (date bottle to keep track with first ferment date).
  9. Fermenting should take around 10-30 days (feel free to taste with turkey baster on a daily basis to get the flavor you like – the longer you ferment the less sweet and more sour it becomes).
  10. When it sours and starts to become carbonated you need to strain the kombucha (ensuring you keep 1/4 cup of starter tea with the scoby for the next batch you want to make) and either:
    a. Bottle it up and leave for a 2-3 days (for it to become even more carbonated); or
    b. Add *ingredients such as fruit, herbs and seeds and let sit for another day 2-3 days: and
  11. After the second fermentation strain again and you may now refrigerate it (put second fermentation date on bottle to keep track).

*Some good flavor combinations are: vanilla and cinnamon stick (tastes like creamy soda) and cardamon pods with juiced green apple.

Please Note: Other teas can be used instead of black tea like Rooibos (for low caffeine option) but DO NOT use any oily teas such as earl gray.


Make sure you purchase sustainable and environmentally sourced ingredients and support your local businesses too.


(C) T. Altman 2017

Disclaimer:  The information presented here is taken from my own personal experiences and are to be used as a guide only.  Please take into consideration, any medical conditions such as allergies before attempting.  Permission to reprint any information or photos on this blog must be obtained by the blog creator (

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