Recipe: White Christmas


White Christmas

500g white chocolate
1 1/2 cups of Rice Bubbles
100g glace cherries chopped
160g almonds, roasted and chopped
160g sultanas
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Melt chocolate with double boiler stove top method or in microwave.
  2. Mix rest of ingredients with liquefied chocolate.
  3. Pour mixture into cupcake cases and place on flat tray which can fit into fridge.
  4. You can top with sprinkles, glitter or dark chocolate for extra oomph.
  5. Put in fridge to set for a few hours.



Make sure you purchase sustainable and environmentally sourced ingredients and support your local businesses too.


(C) T. Altman 2016

Disclaimer:  The information presented here is taken from my own personal experiences and are to be used as a guide only.  Please take into consideration, any medical conditions such as allergies before attempting.  Permission to reprint any information or photos on this blog must be obtained by the blog creator (

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